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X is for … ?

Well I always knew that this was going to be a tough one and I’ve been approaching this week much like the proverbial bunny in Xenon headlights.
My dilemma was confirmed when I eXamined the single page of “X” words in my ever faithful dictionary.  It soon became obvious that there weren’t going to be many eXamples that I would be able to use this week.  Another approach was required.  I know your eXacting standards and therefore I hope you will eXcuse the eXcursion from the norm.
I aim to keep the customer satisfied, so here goes.

X can often be a symbol representing “no” or a barrier.
If you have been reading the blogs of the PULSE volunteers from around the world and about the eXciting work that they’ve been doing, you will have seen that they have observed the eXistence of many barriers that ultimately deny children and adults access to services such as education and necessary healthcare; barriers such as poverty, gender and race to name but a few.
The NGOs they are working for are trying to make a change for the better, but that change needs to be sustainable; one that will be able to continue and eXpand even when the NGO is no longer involved.  That’s why they work with people, organisations and governments on the ground; those with inside knowledge, eXpertise and eXperience of the situation.  It is only with eXcellent collaboration across all parties that these changes will succeed.
It’s “Giving Tuesday” tomorrow; 1st December.  The perfect antidote to all the eXtensive spending frenzy we saw on Black Friday last week.  So as we approach a traditional time of giving and thinking of others I’d just like to add that your contributions, whether your time through volunteering or money towards funding are also an invaluable part of this complex jigsaw and I’m sure all NGOs would like to eXpress their thanks and gratitude in recognition of that.

With that brief eXception from my self-imposed blog rules, I’ll bring my eXertions to an end make a swift eXit.


  1. Once again your creativity amazes me! I can’t believe you are almost to Z and that our assignments are winding down. I’m sad to see it end, as I am sure you are too!

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