The Harmattan is here!

Gosh this last month has been a busy one! We received an extremely warm welcome from the GSK office in Lagos as well as manufacturing site in Agbara.   We returned back to Abuja in time to celebrate Halloween, Nigerian style.  Then finishing off a final round of training on project management and effective communication to the four professional associations we are supporting here in Nigeria.  There was still time for fun where I went along to a 5-aside football competition to cheer my NGO team on.

Halloween _Abuja_31Oct2015         Jhpiego football team_Nov2015

All seven of us volunteers based in Nigeria were invited to visit the GSK office based in Lagos as well as the manufacturing site in Agbara.  We were given such a warm welcome and truly felt like we were back within the folds of the GSK family.  A big thank you to our GSK family in Lagos and Agbara for a memorable visit.  We were taken on a tour of the offices in Lagos and got the chance to look around the site where Lucozade is packaged.  So it was only fitting that we quenched our thirst with Lucozade and Ribena.  Just like being at home!

Agbara_29Oct2015Agbara_toe protectors_29Oct2015

PULSE team at lunch_Lagos_30Oct2015






There is a definite change in both the weather and temperature now that November is here.  The rainy season is a thing of the past and the hot sunny days are pretty much the norm.  And it’s hot, averaging around 33C each day.  The dust the harmattan brings is in the air which is much drier now.  There is also a fine coat of dust on cars every morning.  The dust does allow for some beautiful sunsets though.



Harmattan weather

I was busy with the training of 23 participants from the professional associations we are working with.  This is the final set of training to help them build business skills to effectively run their activities supporting the Maternal and Child Survival programme objectives.  This programme is funded by USAID.  It was 3 long and tiring days of training but hopefully we transferred knowledge on measuring metrics which will be beneficial.

Last weekend I travelled to the town of Abakaliki in the state of Kogi.  I facilitated a meeting with one of the professional associations to help them with the deployment of their strategy.  It was a good opportunity for me to practise my ADP skills too.  The change in weather which the Harmattan brings was evident when driving to the airport on my departure.  The morning air was cloudy with dust even though it looked like fog at first glance.

We are now fast approaching December and the end of our 6-month assignment.  The next three weeks will be a flurry of activity as we document all we have done and tie up loose ends.  It will also be a period of reflection on the last 6-months and share our thoughts on how we have changed as individuals before we part and go our separate ways.


  1. Nikki, it’s been great following your journey over that last few months! We look forward to welcoming you back to the dept and GSK!

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