A night on BROADWAY: Website

I have brought to you the highlights of the preparations and enthusiasm here in Belgrade regarding this event in my couple of blogs in past week. I am going to talk about something very special those I saw in very high profile events only so far around the globe. I observed an idea to launch a dedicated website for the event that could serve as a promo, brochure and detailer of the event itself. The one pager web was designed solely by Milica Dustabek who was working as volunteer for BELhospice before joiningrecently BELhospice as event coordinator and fundraiser. In making this website Milica secured the help from all of the other members of the team including Ivana surely to provide all the officially solicited material and Predrag Simic local guide for artwork. The special guidance came as always from across the borders by Razvan Tautu from our partner hospice in Romania. I got the chance to participate in some of the compositions, translations and pictorial contents of the website.

The website www.ball.belhospice.org pops out with a blast to invite you to join the ball and it further comprises of the sections those speaks about the event, the theme and brief introduction of Terazije Theatre. Milica also added the introduction of Emcees the famous actors and hosts those will will entertain the audience with their enigmatic words during the show whole night. The later part describes about the available items for live auction during the night so the attendees could fill their wallets up to the mark before entering the ball room.  The dedicated website for the ball is a great initiative by BELhospice team this year that helped bringing the attendees more closer to charity, at the same time it illustrates the quality of work and standard of events hosted by organization.

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