“Your Talent is God’s Gift to You. What you do with it is Your Gift back to God “.

When people ask me had you seen GOD, My answer will be Yes !!

Yes I see God in the smiles of little sweet angles on the day I spent with them at Institute for Indian Mother & Child’s Orphanage home cum Handicap Center.

At IIMC,s Orphanage Home cum Handicap Centre 1
Most memorable welcome – Shower of true Love & Joy

The day will always stay in my locker of sweet memories.

Me with my team-mates Gabriela, Tetei & Pratima Lakra . In our Endeavor of talent hunt for development of our projected Children’s Theater teams to combat prevailing ill social issues/norms in the society. with my dream objective of making good societies (My wish is that all Human societies anywhere in the globe should be regarded by everyone as a places where every being can live happily, everyone can live & enjoy life to fullest).

 “By means of developing one good generation”

“The generation Aware of prevailing ill social issues/norms & competent enough to challenge them, uproot them. & starting from Being the Change & move forwarded to bring the change & finishes up to sustaining the positive change”. Well it just the positive start & We have to move a long way ahead.

I & my team mates decided to spent a day with children’s of  IIMC, s Orphanage home cum Handicap Center at place called kadarat, sonarpur, Kolkata.

The night before the scheduled date & also in the morning of the defined day we decided to visit, the nature showers her blessings in terms of continuous rain whole night & early morning. & everywhere on the streets, campuses water stands up to height of some 15- 20 inches from ground.

Well our destination is just at a distance of some 600 -700 meters from IIMC, s main campus at tegharia, sonarpur, Kolkata. So, we decided to go by walking through semi- furnished roads & typical semi-rural narrow streets made up of bricks.

When we enters our destination i.e. in the premises of Institute for Indian Mother  & Child’s Orphanage Home cum Handicap Center. To us it seems no less then heaven since, we found many sweet little angles are waiting for us. & in their sweet smiles resembles the smile of God.

With sweet little childrens At IIMC,s Orphanage Home cum Handicap centre
With Sweet Little Angels

Our interaction begins with exchange of introductions.

Me with my team mates & sweet angles
Me , My Team mates & sweet angels

We went there with agenda of some planned activities. Like:-

  • Educating them over importance of basic hygiene. I.e. importance & right way of Hand wash, Cutting nails, & brushing teeth twice a day.
  • We had kept quiz related to General knowledge, Mathematics & science.
  • Thereafter we play antakshari (game in which participants Sings the Songs) & some other interesting local games.

It was amazing day for all of us. We all exchange our thoughts, learned a lot from each other. Their little Hearts are so pure, Their Smiles are so Natural & their eyes seems so Truthful that these Sweet kids seems no less then God’s angles & one can see in them the reflection of God,s attributes.

I am thankful to almighty for providing me such a great opportunity where I felt his/her divine presence. Bye Bye Sweet little friends Love you …….♥♥♥♥

Good Bye Sweet Lil Angels
Good Bye Sweet little Angels

We left in evening with my best wishes to my sweet little friends –

 “Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have dreamed”.

Friends will surely see U again
Friends will surely see U again

Certainly, I must come back again at some unknown point of time to see you again.



    1. Thanks maryannemctighe . Now my religion is Humanity. & Nationality is Global. Similar in gsk,s lines work across boundaries.

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