A night on BROADWAY: Weekend Bash in Office

This story explains about how much effort you necessitate to make the perfect composition with the right ingredients to make an event a real success and convert into a masterpiece. The guys here deserve a “hats off” and raise the hands for salutation those are truly working hard and selflessly for the terminally ill patients to provide the dignity and comfort to them in their last days.  Everyone here from employees to volunteers sacrificing their time and showing ownership towards their work and properly fulfilling their roles on time as assigned.

I saw the real enthusiasm in this team along with volunteers to work for a cause tirelessly. They are finding their own ways to kill their fatigue and exhaustion out of work.

When it reaches very close to annual charity ball they get the support from RazvanTautu who is the art designer and specialist of events and decorations comes all the way from Romania. He works in HOSPICE Casa Sperantei the center of Hospices of Hope in Romania.

He starts working from Romania on our stuff including annual report, ball program and other materials to be customized according to the theme and we provide our inputs and insights from here. This mutual coordination continues via skype till Razvan arrives to Serbia just a week before ball and they say it in BELhospice office as emergency period. Razvan proves to be a great help for us with the campaigns promotional material, leaflets and flyers all the year but his experience in managing bigger events in Romania for their hospice provides immense support for the ball. The final execution of ball is hugely impacted by his assistance by closing the possible gaps.

I was briefed before coming to Serbia that the days before the Ball would be hectic and now I can really see it as we are working without the hour’s limit here.

Ivana the lady in charge announced the emergency by informing about the arrival of Razvan and it means now no weekends till ball. Therefore we worked Friday till late night while weekend till early morning continuously. I am very proud to feel myself helpful to the BELhospice team and it is something important to share with you that we had just couple of hours of sleep in last 2-3 days when everyone else is enjoying their weekend.

These tiring efforts helped us to produce annual report and program for the night; those are to be distributed on that day to the guests. We wrote the descriptions of the live auctions, silent auctions and the text about the artists of the theater which will observe lot of changes before getting approved to be printed. I prepared the photo collages of the items to be auctioned to put on website and in the program, helped in writing the descriptions and translations of the text.

After a successful and hectic weekend we can say that now the materials can be sent for printing and we can focus on other logistics of the event including PR campaign and the events to be performed in the hall.

As we all have our own way to relieve the continuous working hour’s stress, therefore I am taking out time to write the time to time these updates. See you again.