November 23


London A to Z


W is for “Whatever, Wherever, Whenever”.

Where in the World Were We last Week ?  We Went to Ware.  Where ?  Ware.  (Apologies – old joke Which never fails to amuse those hearing it for the first time).
(As a brief digression, could that possibly be the Winning first line of this posse of postings ?)
Why were we there ?  Because meeting room space Within NGOs is generally at a premium, resulting in off-site rooms having to be rented.  So it was nice to be able to host an all day team meeting at my home GSK site and bring my two Work Worlds together for a few hours.  We held a 2016 planning Workshop so that everyone in the team is on the same Wavelength for the tasks that lie ahead and What a huge task that is.  This picture shows the Wealth of priority deliverables that we Winnowed out of the noise of Weekly work.


During my placement to date, I’ve now Walked 300 miles.  With the Wayside White with frost this morning, I’m Wondering if it’s going to be quite so agreeable for the remaining month.  It’s definitely turned a hazy shade of Winter out there, so I’ll be Wrapping up Warm.

Back to Worldwide matters.  The GSK-Save Partnership has a number of WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) programmes, Working with local communities to supply clean drinking Water to schools and health facilities, improve basic sanitation and teach children and their families about the importance of good hygiene.  World Hand Washing Day is an important event When education can mixed with a lot of fun.  Take a look at how two PULSE volunteers got involved this year.  I’ll Wager you’ll be impressed.  Sarah is with Save in Colombia: and Maryanne is with Save in the Philippines:

I’ll Wrap up now with the three Words I started with.  You may have been Wondering when I’d get round to them.  I think they sum up the work of the emergency health unit (EHU); another facet of the Partnership’s Wide range of activities.  Sometimes you don’t know where your interest lies.  Who, just one year ago, would have ever imagined that the EHU would be deployed in Europe ?  As you Watch this video think “Whatever it takes, Wherever in the world, Whenever it is needed”: