“health.gsk” Serbia signs in..

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Milutin Delic, Managing Director Serbia embarking helth.gsk launch in Serbia.

I am recalling the days before joining the assignment while I was still in Oman and I was on my routine activities, we were in pre-launch phase of “health.gsk” the internet platform by GSK to HCPs. This website provides information on GSK prescription products for healthcare professionals all over the world.

I traveled to Serbia at the same time we started collecting HCPs consents to get them registered to our platform and I remember during the discussions with my team in Oman my manager mentions about their efforts to register healthcare professionals on the website in order to witness a successful launch of “health.gsk”.


I am on board


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Here we go online……

But I never thought that I would be lucky enough to witness this memorable event with GSK Serbia colleagues here in Belgrade. “health.gsk” was launched in Serbia in October, reaching 280 HCP’s registrations to date. Internal launch of the platform involved employees through Yammer “health.gsk” group, office branding, town hall meeting presentation and introduction training for commercial teams.

I was the part of the huge and successful Town-hall meeting in GSK office in Serbia & Montenegro here in Belgrade. The session was facilitated by Sanja Panjeskovic, the Corporate Communication and Patient Advocacy Coordinator and led by a motivating speech by Milutin Delic, Managing Director Serbia.


Further to the internal awareness the team in Serbia also hosted external launch of the platform which took place on key national congresses – Serbian Respiratory Congress and National Neurology Congress, through presentations, face to face demonstration and advertisements in congress publications. As we all know that the vision of our leadership and our in accordance to new ways of working, launch of “health.gsk”is an important step forward in implementation of the multi-channel acceleration strategy in Serbia as well as all over the globe. The step is being considered as an innovative move in supporting our Customer Engagement journey.


Greetings all around.. health.gsk launch in Serbia

The information on this website also serves general public and they can find information on major diseases and GSK health education in the country where its launched after necessary permissions and approvals by the local authorities in respective country.