A night on BROADWAY: First Look

As I mentioned in my previous post about our major fundraising event in 2015 is a charity ball going to be held on 28th November, this Saturday. I am again writing to share with you few updates about the preparations of this event.

I am very enthusiastic to be part of this team who is going to arrange another event that I believe shouAlMcrRz4d4gwgglJ39TumM2N66RCCX6WMEzZMzkePLGRld create the history in event management in Serbia. People of Serbia will witness an immaculate event arranged by a Non profit Organisation event with limited resources and by noble support of many of corporates. Just I don`t want to forget to mention that BELhospice Ball last year was announced as “the best charity event of the year 2014”.

Today I would inform you about our major sponsor who is going to be Samsung and I am very proud to say that I also have my part starting from finding the contact details and initiate the negotiations with Samsung to become the major sponsor and the benefits those Samsung can get if they would accept patronage to us and fundraising colleagues and organizing committee  members involved to finalize the terms and conditions later. Further to the sponsorship Samsung agreed to provide us the screens to display the live event in the ball room free.

I can brief you bit about the program also as I am involved in preparing the checklist of the event. The ball embraces the Broadway shows  including “Chicago” and “Mama Mia” followed by glorious performance by artists from Terazije Theater,  Belgrade on some famous songs.

The highlight of the night will be the Live Auction, featuring unique and spectacular prizes raised from our donors and sponsoring organisations. The items from 200 to 500 Euros presented there would be looking for their highest bidders to take them along. In addition to this throughout the night guests can bid on fabulous items offered for Silent auction which are numerous in lots this time having values 50 to 150 Euros, allowing this money to be used for helping BELhospice team to execute their palliative services to terminally ill cancer patients in Serbia.

Brainstorming with local volunteers in BELhospice office.

The direct fundraising will be done by offering the lottery envelops to the guest those having various gifts for the prestigious invitees those participate.

I would like to bring to notice the role of the organizing committee members those are very influential ladies and supporting BELhospice in aligning and penetrating with the potential donors and sponsors using their liaising and networks in high profile public of Serbia. they also provided their prestigious support to get the items for live and silent auctions those would be sold during the night.

Two members of organising committee.


I must mention the support from volunteers that BELhospice possess. The steadfast volunteers are diligent enough that BELhospice are counting on them and major part of raising items for Silent Auction, Lottery and Goody bags is being getting done just because of the tiring efforts of them.

I am writing this blog while we are preparing, its a weekend and we all are sacrificing for a successful event on coming Saturday.


  1. Good luck with this event on Saturday Mirza – I hope you have a wonderful evening and all the hard work makes this a truly successful evening!

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