November 20


Every Man Is NOT An Island

Living and working in cultures other than your own, can be challenging and fascinating at the same time. It allows you to know different societies and understand more about them, than other types of travel.  Regardless of some cultural differences, you will realize how close and similar people are, and that what we have in common is much more than the differences. You will get to recognize that our differences don’t change the inter-connectedness we all share.IMG_20150827_070319
Working in the development’s field in particular, will enable you to experience things that no one else will experience (not all of them will be good, but most will be fascinating, challenging, and sometimes exciting). It will also allow you to work alongside with the best and most inspiring examples of people working to overcome many impossible odds. You’ll find yourself constantly inspired by the determination, authenticity and resourcefulness of some of the people you are working with.
The people I have met during my PULSE assignment are among the most wonderful friends and colleagues I have ever met. The bonds that we’ve formed working together in intense situations are very powerful, and helped us overcome many of the challenges we faced during our PULSE journey.
I’ve known some people from different cultures for years, and never got beyond small-talk, and have spent a few months living and working intensively with others who I feel I know as well as it is possible to know someone. Being a part of this community of people who share similar values and aspirations is hard to quantify, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

Yes every human being is unique, and in our uniqueness we all have strengths and weaknesses, which is precisely why we need to compliment each others, rather than judge and fight each others. Working together always ends up better in the end, than it would if man were to act as an island.

With all the atrocities going on in the world around us, caused by hate, segregation, prejudice and racism, for sure the world would be a much better place if people would just open their receptors and communication channel to understand each others, and seize to base their judgment upon formed misconceptions.

Volunteers 1st gathering_2
As we are approaching the end dates of our assignments, I believe that my PULSE colleagues and I will go back to our home countries with different ideas and better understanding of each others. We will go back to our daily lives with a strengthened  belief that every man is not an island, but rather a unique part of the same island. I’m hoping that my PULSE colleagues and I will go back to our home countries to work as change agents aiming to correct some of the stereotyping and misconceptions some people have with relation to “others”, and act as advocates for more tolerance and understanding.
Amal Fouad