My First Blog Post…

I am 3 months through my pulse and have a MASSIVE aversion to blogging. For many reasons, besides being on a very, very, full on busy PULSE assignment in Farringdon, I am always prioritising the work and family before blogging.

The Assignment: My assignment is to lead the change management peice for a project that is implementing a new and much needed Human Resource system in Save the Children UK. The new system will require a new way of working and so has a big change component to manage. I also need to leave a legacy of educating them on change management and good practice and tools for them to use to manage change better in the future.

How it has been: I have been welcomed with open arms. The HR team are very dedicated, hard working and friendly. Since arriving in Save the children in August I realise how big a task this assignment is and have loved throwing myself into it full on. I am in a superb team. Most of the team are going through ADP training, which we are using all the time. We hear that this project is the best planned and run project they have seen in Save the Children, much of this is attributed to the team doing this project differently by using ADP.

It has taken about a month to really adjust to all the changes to work here, the commute, the technology shift, the culture shift…and the cake…loads of it..I have put on several pounds. I feel and get feedback that I am really making a difference and that is very fulfilling.

This month I am baking gingerbread men to sell at the Christmas Fayre in our village school. My daughters and I will be raising money for Save the Children. Holly, my eldest came up with a great strap line “Every child deserves a Christmas”. So I must leave this first blog and start cooking.


  1. So Great Helen to see the “work” coming real and I guess the team you are working with is fab also because of all what you are bringing to them in change management…
    Keep pushing them and being successful and… big question to you : what has been your biggest insight so far working in Save the Children?

  2. Good luck in the second half of your amazing journey. The people I’ve met am so welcoming too. It really makes a difference when you are living alone in a foreign country, doesn’t it!

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