A night on BROADWAY: Preparations

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As the November is coming to its end many of us may be looking it as nearing Christmas vacations but in BELhospice it`s full of activity nowadays as the time flying we are going near to the Annual Charity Ball which is on 28th November, Saturday.  At this moment preparations are on full swing and everyone in the team is in a totally eventful mood.

Since 2010 BELhospice has been hosting an annual charity Ball, which is the charity’s major fundraiser. The Ball is spectacular event that one whosoever in Serbia should not miss this year as we are bringing New York to Belgrade just for our guests. BELhospice Ball last year was enjoyed by 200 guests including celebrities, diplomats and high profile individuals across the business community in Serbia and was announced as “the best charity event of the year 2014”. This was the fruit of the selfless efforts of the dedicated team of BELhospice including one
of our GSK PULSE volunteer (Marta Moro from GSK Spain) in 2014.

We are working hard again to repeat the history or even I believe this year we would have a much greater event than last year and reason is obviously (not) me J. The steadfast team of BELhospice along with stalwart volunteers is solving all the hardships coming in the way to host a successful event.

There is a contextual weeks of planning and groundwork is on credit to this big triumph, including the brainstorming and plump for appropriate theme for selective and prospective donors and supporters. As the theme this year is “A night on BROADWAY” therefore the real challenge this year is to bring the spirit of “Broadway” to the Ball.

The only theater in Belgrade those involved in this type of shows are Terazije Theatre, and team has successfully engaged them to bring on board with the organization in helping to perform Broadway plays by incredibly Image Today 12-55-51 PMtalented artists during the Ball in supporting the building of the first hospice in Serbia. We all are positive that our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy another wonderful charity dinner along with excellent food and finest vines and the opportunity to experience a Broadway in Belgrade this year to support the work of BELhospice charity and the change that palliative care brings into the lives of patients we care about.

There are many aspects of preparations and daily a lot of things are going on that you can`t imagine even not anticipated by us. This all is very much interesting stuff and I am planning to share the updates via blogs or Yammer till the Ball finally takes place as we are no more having limits of working hours and mostly we would be working 24/7 L till ball.

You are cordially invited in The 6th BELhospice Charity Ball going to be held on 28 November 2015 in Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belgrade and wish us good luck.


  1. Hi Mirza! I feel very nostalgic reading all your great posts… it is like I have been living the same experience just few weeks ago, but it has been already one year!
    Enjoy the experience as the time flies. You are doing great things there, keep it up!
    Thanks for sharing all those fantastic moments in the blog 🙂

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