November 17


Top 5 more reasons to be a Proud PULSEe….

If anyone has read my previous countdown blog, you’ll know I love a good (& quick!) countdown –

5 Things I heard or read over past 2 weeks that made me feel so proud to be PULSE volunteer:

5. A fellow PULSE volunteer here in Philadelphia, Georgiana Walz, said such inspiring words the other day as we were cross-pollinating our PULSE experiences: PULSE work is “A heartbeat away from healthy”– Couldn’t have said it better myself! (Thanks to my fellow, GG!)

4. GSK-US Community Partnerships gave $40,000 IMPACT Awards across Philadelphia & RTP area to winning organizations for building a healthier community – whether through the mentoring and education of our children, providing seniors with social support and a sense of purpose, helping people of all ages stay active and healthy, or making our homes and streets safer and greener. — We are so much bigger than just healthy bodies… healthier communities are just as important!

3. Huffington Post wrote a blog on PULSE program – Huffington Post blog – We are starting to get noticed externally for our dedication to local & global communities!

2. PULSE applications for 2016 will open December 1st that means (1) it’s been prioritized again from Andrew #worldsgreatestCEO and (2) other GSK peers will have the opportunity to experience the greatness that is PULSE.


1. A fellow colleague, who has never done a PULSE assignment, randomly reached out to me and expressed support on the infamous “re-entry adjustment period”. Throughout our conversation, he offered coaching, support, and general appreciation for the change and challenges I may face upon re-entry after my assignment. — Could my GSK family be any more amazing? How did I get so lucky? #ItsGreatToBeaPULSEe!