JAZZ it up!!!! A bit.….

Vasil Hadzimanov Piano Trio performing in BELhospice Jazz Concert on 15th October, 2015

Actual birth place for Jazz music is United States of America. It can be seen as a reflection of the cultural diversity and individualism of this country. At its core are openness to all influences, and personal expression through improvisation. Throughout its history, jazz has straddled the worlds of popular music and art music, and it has expanded to a point where its styles are so varied that one may sound completely unrelated to another. After expanding to Europe and other countries Serbia is also one of old civilizations those admire and embarrassed Jazz. Initially it was only performed in bars, jazz can now be heard in clubs, concert halls, universities, and large festivals all over the world.

If you talk about Jazz and Serbia you can`t simply move ahead without mentioning about the one and only Vasil Hadzimanov who is one of the famous Jazz artist in Serbia in real-time.

Milan Pavkovic, Predrag Milutinovic, Myself & Vasil Hadzimanov

BELhospice held a charity jazz concert on 15 October with Vasil Hadzimanov Piano Trio composed of Vasil Hadzimanov (piano), Milan Pavkovic (contrabass) and Predrag Milutinovic (drums), at UK Parobrod. Vasil and all other artists were very cooperative to support BELhospice and gave their precious succor for this concert. This event raised 100.000 dinars which will be used to support BELhospice’s psychosocial team to provide 65 home care visits to the terminally ill cancer patients.

Dubravka from the fundraising team was leading the campaign for Jazz concert and other logistics along with other colleagues and I helped her with the invitations and whatever I could do with just one month knowledge and experience of BELhospice and Serbia. I took part in calling embassies following the email invitations to all respected ambassadors and their supporting staff. It was my idea to engage more embassies even those we didn’t get proper responses before.

This was a zero-cost event by the organization where we got the venue and post event drinks as sponsorship from our donors. The collection was raised in terms of selling tickets those were sold in 1000 dinars each and a total of 100 seats were reserved for the audience.

This concert was intended to gather real jazz lovers and friends of BELhospice center of palliativeIMG_1671 care. We took the benefit of the presence of 100 guests including excellencies from diplomatic missions in Serbia and use this opportunity to raise awareness about palliative care of terminally ill cancer patients in Serbia it was important to convey the message that these services are still available only to very small number of patients.

Someone said, “The true beauty of music is that it connects people”, I realized after this concert that actually we don’t know that music is truly a way to help people.

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