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V is for “Volunteer”.
Verily, I want to use this week’s post as a Vehicle to promote the opportunities we all have to Volunteer.  This doesn’t have to be a big commitment that takes you away from your day job or your family.  I can Vouch for the fact that any hour you can spare will be truly Valued by the recipients and can make all the difference.  Personally, I’d like to say “Here’s to you, Mrs Yeoman, Miss Brennan, Mr Campbell, Mrs Robinson and all those others at GSK who have Volunteered through the PULSE scheme in the past.  The accounts of your experiences inspired and encouraged me to apply this year.”  All should be Venerated for the example they have set.

And now the moment you’ve all being waiting for … Video time, in fact Various Videos.  Warning – if you belong to the “bah humbug brigade”, don’t View the first one !  It’s a Christmas advert, but I Vow it is linked to Save the Children:
This has been an opportunity to raise awareness of Save’s campaigns with millions of Viewers in the UK. The connection is children’s books and the “Read On Get On scheme” where Save is working to improve child literacy.  The Partnership recognises the Value of this programme and has supported it in the UK. If you want to find out more, then the following Vignette will also be of interest.  It also shows one of the Vast number of options available to Volunteers:

Another PULSE volunteer is Natasha, based with GSK Poland and Volunteering in Romania; which demonstrates the Variety of experiences PULSE offers.  We met during our pre-placement training.  Viewing Natasha’s latest posting, you will see how different NGOs around the world are working towards Very similar goals.  It is Vital for children to be able to attend school, but in some countries lack of money may make this difficult.  In Romania, Valiant efforts are being made, including using a food Voucher scheme, to encourage parents to send their children to pre-school and give them a head start in life.  As a Veritable bonus, for those of you wanting to brush up on your Romanian language, take a look at her video link.  It’s a great Vision of what can happen when a thoughtful scheme is put in place and how the results achieved will Verify that:


  1. Many Thanks Rachel! Yes you are absolutely right, volunteering does not have to mean 6 months commitment. We can dedicate any time to help. Sometimes 1 hour of our attention to somebody in need, can make a big difference. Thank you very much for sharing also my experience from work with OvidiuRo Romania!

  2. Great blog. Volunteering is such an important and valuable life skill. Everyone should give back to those in need. I can personally attest that you get back far more than you give.

  3. Well said Rachel! And I love that you are re-posting the blogs of other volunteers who inspire you. Volunteer stories inspiring others to volunteer, love it!

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