November 16


Cambodia on mind #6 – Wat Langka

27. Wat Langka and meditation – A spanish friend, his first time in Cambodia, asked me where to go for meditation.

He wanted to try and understand if it would help him to relax and leave stress and some of the bad western habits out of his life. I told him to go to Wat Langka. It’s quite famous in PP, westerns can attend meditation classes at certain hours and for the beginners there is a monk who gives you instructions and a little book to take with you, read and learn.
Wat LangkaHe had an amazing experience, he loved it, except forgetting his book in Cambodia before leaving, but that’s another story and hopefully an envelope is on his way. Sometimes I am such a good human being!
Wat Langka is one of oldest pagodas in Phnom Penh funded in 1442. It was established as a sanctuary for the Holy Writings and a meeting place for Cambodian and Sri Lankan monks. The Pagoda was named in honor of these meetings. Langka Pagoda was used as a storehouse during the Khmer Rouge era and therefore manage to avoid total destruction. The reason why I suggest him to go to Wat Langka is not only for its historical importance or golden bhudda statues. But mainly because a visit to this Wat allows you to understand the Khmer culture and see a real life pagoda in action. The monks and the people working in Wat Langka are very friendly and are keen to usher you in, please be aware that you may want to make the obligatory donation after your visit.
Another pearl of that temple, it’s a cat that comes always to say “Hi!” to me and put me in trouble many times with the old monk coming to pick him up and show him the way out. Not before staring at me in a really bad way! I love cats and they sense it, it’s not my fault!
So you ever come to Phnom Penh and you are at your first experience I will suggest you to check this place out and every Monday, Thursday afternoon and Sunday morning, you can participate to meditation lessons.

See you soon