Between Here and There

In my last blog I shortly summarized my assignment scope and the progress achieved in diagnosing the root causes for the challenges the business development department is currently facing. I also mentioned that I am heading to Uganda to attend Amref’s Global fund raising and communication forum, where Donald ‘my assignment manager’ and I were to present the restructuring proposal.

Actually the trip to Uganda carried out very good news. Donald’s presentation was nominated as the best one in the forum because it brought key insights from the countries offices, addressed key performance gaps and offered valid solutions in the current difficult financial situation. Accordingly we succeeded to gain approval on the proposed team restructuring and establishing a dedicated (Global Proposal Development and CRM Team) which was among the top ten actions concluded from the forum.

Away from the scope of my assignment, the forum allowed me to participate in the communication team discussions. They needed an outsider perspective for some of the ideas they were discussing to enhance the social media and websites performance .They were discussing on how to make it more efficient in attracting new followers and individual donors. I volunteered to join two working groups that will reassess the digital marketing performance, build the content calendar and design a two years campaign to brand the 60TH year’s anniversary of Amref Health Africa.
Amref Global Fund raising & Comms team
The trip was a great opportunity to see the beautiful Lake Victoria, and the unique city of Kampala with its signature Boda-Boda motorbikes. Later I received a warm welcome in GSK office in Uganda to celebrate the Volunteering awareness week (VAW) with the team and discuss the various volunteering opportunities in GSK.
GSK Uganda team
Following all this action I needed to recharge my batteries, hence I took a short vacation and headed back to the UAE. During my visit to UAE ,I took this opportunity to visit GSK offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to celebrate the VAW, share some of my assignment stories with my colleagues and take an inspirational dose from my senior leaders.
GSK Abu Dhabi team
I am in the final leg of my journey; stay tuned as I will share some of my best learning’s in Amref in my next blog.


  1. Q7 you are doing fantastic things champ. I love the volunteer week pictures. You should be getting a commission:)

  2. I am proud of you, my friend
    You are a very strong example for outstanding employees in volunteer work…..

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