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U is for “Universal”.
For the GSK-Save the Children Partnership, an important Use of this word is in the phrase Universal Health Coverage (UHC).  This is something that both parties endorse; believing that it’s an Unquestionable right that everyone, everywhere on the planet should have access to quality, essential health services without it forcing either the patient or their family into poverty.

In the UK we sometimes forget how Unbelievably blessed we are with the Ubiquitous National Health Service.  For many people in the world, who have to regularly make Utterly Unbearable choices between meeting the needs of different members of the family, or between health OR food, our free health service is quite Unimaginable.

As such, the concept of UHC may be thought of as Unrealistic.  It is Understood that it will depend Upon governments around the globe providing health services, fairly, to everyone.   They can’t do this Unassisted, so all parts of society, including NGOs and the private sector have to consider what they can do to help achieve it.   This Undertaking and commitment is part of the United Nations’ “Good Health and Wellbeing” sustainable development goal.  (See “N week” for background information).

UHC will promote healthy citizens, which in turn should Underpin growth and prosperity within communities and Ultimately the nation.  It could be considered an Utterly Unattainable Utopia, but here’s a link to an Unmissable video to watch, which demonstrates how it really can work, even in the most Underprivileged communities; in this case, Rwanda, where great progress has been made, especially in child and maternal healthcare.
Surely this makes UHC something we can all Unanimously support ?  You (excuse the pun), you can tell the world about it.

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  1. You touch on a great point in this fantastic blog. Every individual deserves access to healthcare. It’s part of the Human Rights UN doctrine. Yet, unfortunately this is not the reality. This is the saddest thing for me to see on my assignment. Children are dying of completely preventable illnesses and diseases. I pray this can somehow change in our lifetimes.

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