Developing people during my pulse assignment

Since June 23 I have been working at the   Medical Research Center, a unit of the ministry of Health of Rwanda, based in Kigali whose mission is to attract external investment in the area of medical research·         biotech-pharma companies·         clinical Research development·         capacity building The vision of MRC is for Rwanda to become a destination of choice for Medical R&D investment as a contribution to Vision 2020

I work on an interesting and exciting project to set the stage for transforming Rwanda into a clinical trials friendly environment by creating education and training opportunities that will increase the number of healthcare professionals who are capable and ready to participate in clinical trials activities. Specifically I am leading the creation of a National educational curriculum for training in clinical research sciences and developing the strategies for curriculum implementation.

To progress this work I am partnering with the Ministry of Health and Rwandan Provincial and Referral hospitals to identify educational and infrastructure gaps  that are barriers to the clinical trials process.

The local team is very enthusiastic  by this project which is the first of their careers. This is a very committed young and ambitious team.

Thus, interactions with stakeholders occupy part of their activities. That is why I initiated a training session on understanding and engaging with stakeholders Training that fully benefited from their support and responded to their expectations.Below the photos taken during the training.

blondin 3auditoire 1team rbc 1


  1. Great blog Blondin!

    I am sure your education curriculum for this young ambitious team will have a long lasting impact.

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