November 03



Greetings PULSE volunteers and friends. Something we do everyday is eat food, we need it to survive.  Something so simple is so complex.  If I had a Magic Wand I would wave it and wish for all disparities in securing food to stay healthy GO AWAY.  Well I’m not a Magician but I do work with an organization that makes change.  Here at The Food Trust the fight for national food security is a long time mission.

The Food Trust organization is a leader in food access and social justice initiatives taking the approach to food security and healthy lifestyles with comprehensive plans.  The organizations flagship program is their Farmers Market operation.  They run 30 markets throughout Philadelphia working with a total of 200 vendors.  These markets are located in underserved communities where getting fresh fruits and vegetables is a struggle.  The community plays an active role to support the markets.  Low income assistance is available to increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Education -cooking classes and Healthcare systems partner to provide Blood pressure and BMI screenings.

On my PULSE assignment I was given the opportunity to become a Market Manager.  Yes, I had my own Food Trust apron, Solly Brothers Farm market binder and all the education/information print outs to support Broad &Snyder Market every Tuesday from 2-6 pm.  WOW is all I can say!  A wonderful experience.  The people I met, the Solly Brothers Bob and Mike, the neighborhood regulars Susan,Mike, ParmaJohn. The seasonal fruits and vegetables are the stars .

So how does it get any better you may ask!  By paying it forward – introducing The Food Trust farmers market program to my healthcare systems in Kentucky and Ohio.  Here is a question for you readers of my blog – Does your local healthcare system have a seasonal farmers market on site?  Let me know !