October 29


Mobile Clinic, Hotline and Facebook page to support factory workers in Laos

As part of my PULSE assignment, I am also supporting Laos, Nepal and Myanmar to build and enhance their communication plan for CARE and GSK 20% reinvestment program.

I was really interested in seeing the intervention put in place in Laos in garment factories with mobile clinic.  My first chat with one of the advisers at the office in Ventiane was really revealing. She explained to me the entire social dynamic happening in the country at the moment. How the role of women is changing but there are still cultural hurdles which were difficult to overcome.

Regularly, doctors, nurses and health staff bring all devices in a mobile clinic to reach young women working in factories.

Health Training in garments factories in Vientiane - LaosOne of the biggest issue in Laos, it’s this new migration flow from villages to big towns looking for better incomes. Most of them are young girls, you always doubt about their real age, moving to Vientiane and living a cultural shock and in some cases reality breaks their dreams.

They work long hour, they live in average decent condition with bad nutrition and poor health conditions.

When they have to look for care, they are afraid of sharing their issues and concerns. In some cases it’s a cultural barrier, in some cases they don’t want to feel ashamed of sharing their problems.

CARE and GSK work together with the Youth development association to bring health confidential services closer to this population.

Girls can sign up for the clinic anonymously and share any kind of problem: nutrition, contraception, sexual transmitted disease or abortion.

The strong president of the YDA has also established a hot line and facebook page, where girls and boys can seek for advice and support. We are currently exploring how to exploit this opportunity and work closer to those girls.

Stay tune for my next adventure in Laos!!!

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