Hey! It`s myPULSEbook

I found in couple of articles that emailing is far more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. If it is a quite a big percentage isn’t it a great use of this technology??

Research also shows that more people have email accounts than they have social media accounts and nearly all of us check our emails on a daily basis, with over half of us checking it multiple times a day. Further to emailing we have options of Yammering and blogging to be connected and to share our great work with the communities in bringing the change.

If you are blogging, Yammering emailing already and finally these all would be accompanied by newsletters, It would give further stars to your work and activities you performed.

I am convinced……. and I am starting to write my newsletter for my deployment as “my PULSEbook“. This “myPULSEbook” attached for month of September encircles the events occurred so far. Hopefully I would be able to post my updates in it in remaining months and even a post assignment analysis… 🙂

Your e-newsletter will keep you at the forefront of your ideal follower`s minds. This is something I have been going to do for my viewers and followers from now, as it is all about staying at the forefront of peoples minds if you are advocating a change.

I know.  we’re already swamped with things to do and the last thing I need is something else to add to my plate.  But if It is done well, an email newsletter can be a huge asset to my nonprofit’s ability to fundraise as well as rally volunteers and supporters along with individual growth .

Click Here to see myPULSEbook⇔my PULSEbook (September)