October 26


Romania – Medical Caravan

In the south IMG_3132of Romania, not far from the border with Bulgaria, 2022 km from political noise of Brussels, 225 km from vibrant Bucharest – there is a village where time has stopped. Valea Stanciului is the little dot on the map of Europe. It is a place where the atmosphere seems to whisper, time passes lazily and life is played by different rules. In spite of charming landscapes and peaceful silence, life here is not idyll.

Walking through the village it is easy to spot many cultural and natural assets that could encourage the development of tourism. Sadly this potential is still waiting to be unlocked. Most inhabitants of the village still live in poverty, struggling with basic needs. One of the biggest challenges is access to medicine. Most of the villagers do not seek medical advice unless their condition is already life threatening. The concept of mobile clinic – Medical Caravan – has been established to facilitate access to primary healthcare for inhabitants of the rural areas.

Thanks to common efforts of OvidiuRo (GSK NGO partner of “Together for Better Health” program), students of Medical University of Bucharest, resident Doctors and GSK funds – school in Valea Stanciului, has been recently transformed into a medical clinic for 2 days. Doctors and students provided free consultations to the inhabitants of the village in pediatrics, internal medicine, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, infectious diseases, gynecology and urology. Patients could also benefit from free laboratory tests and oral check-ups. Over 230 patients were examined, those in need received treatment or were directed to a specialist. The medical caravan in Valea Stanciului was the 7th one made possible through “Together for Better Health” program, with the financial support of GSK which ensured medical and sanitary supplies and renting medical equipment. The Medical Caravan is a great initiative with a big value for both inhabitants of remote villages and medical students. Being part of it was an amazing experience!

Medical caravan was just a little part of my adventures in Romania. I am looking forward to share with you more about beauty of Romania and wonderful mission of OvidiuRo … are you with me?




Villagers still commonly use horses and donkeys for transport
as a cheaper alternative to vehicles. Many of the beautiful old
houses lie empty – a lot of people moved away in search of work
and modern lifestyle.


Please note, that opinions and observations presented in this post are my personal reflections.