London A to Z


S is for “Save”.
As I Step out of the house, Somewhere between Six and Seven o’clock, Spick and Span for a new day, it’s now very much “hello darkness my old friend” each morning; cold and cloudy but fortunately not too wintery yet.  So Supplying time for a gentle wake up as I Stroll to the Station, with the added bonus of watching the Sun rise as I Steam into the city.  I’m greeted by the Sound of Silence as I arrive at the Save the Children office, being one of the first ones in at Sunup.  But there’s a Subtle increase in noise levels as more teleconferences Start to occur with people all around the globe; from South East Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa to the Americas.

office ext office int           The Save the Children offices, outside and in.  My desk is Subterranean, down in the basement.

On a Serious note though, I thought you may be interested to hear how Save the Children Started.  At the end of the First World War, Save’s founder, Eglantyne Jebb, was arrested and fined for distributing a leaflet in Trafalgar Square.  She and others were drawing attention to what was happening to children on the losing Side, when Britain kept up a blockade that left children Starving in cities Such as Berlin and Vienna.  “Fight the Famine” raised money very quickly and Single donations ranged from two Shillings to £10,000.  The money was given to organisations Saving children lives across Europe through to Armenian refugees in Turkey.  Although it was only envisaged to be a Short-term Solution, Save Soon became involved in one emergency response after another.  Since Eglantyne’s day, the charity has continued to raise funds to provide relief to children Suffering the effects of war or requiring protection and Support in Scores of ways.  Whether it’s Syria, Senegal, or Sweden, Save is working in 120 countries across the world, (developed and developing countries) and what a Sad reflection of the world today that we Still need this type of organisation nearly 100 years later.

Following on from that, but on a much less Solemn note, cue Siren warning to Signal a Christmas reference.  I know it’s Still early, but this alert is to all those with Specialised Shopping and Sewing Skills; (I think those cover the full Spectrum).  Get ready to up-cycle old Sweaters or avoid the queues at the Shops to buy a Smashing pullover for “Christmas jumper day”.  Make a note in your Seasonal Schedule for December 18th; a day which I’ve no doubt will prove to be both Silly and Special.  This is one way Save is raising funds this year.  They are one of the three beneficiaries of this year’s appeal, which is also linked to the Text Santa television Spectacular that evening.  It’s unlikely to be a Silent night, rather it will be Stuffed and Straining at the Seams with Singing, Sketches and Slapstick.

Smith bike IMG_0430And as a final Statement this week, (keeping this relatively Short and Sweet), I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a lot of Subliminal messaging in the area of London for me.  The word “Smith” features Several times, being located to Smithfield market.
Can’t imagine why this one resonates with me …


  1. Great job summarising Save’s founding days. I didn’t know until I started that Eglantyne Jebb got the first ever human rights document passed in Geneva. It took thousands of years of human existence to achieve. What a fabulous thing she started!

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