October 25


Pulse journey–Four difefrent events and four different experiences

HI All

I am really excited to write this particular blog! The reason being the pulse program had introduced to me very interesting people and very wonderful experiences. I wanted to write about the four such experiences. The experiences are not related to my work but after long a day’s work and busy schedule I did find some time to relax and explore few places in Uganda .

The four experiences are.

  1. EID—One of the important festival .
  2. Sippy Falls—Beautiful place where I went for trekking.
  3. CHAI-Olympics- Celebrated Ugandan independence Day.
  4. India Day- Celebrations in Lugogo cricket field.

Eid-ul-Adha.   Is one of the two important festivals of Muslims across the globe was celebrated on September 24TH.. It is also time where people go to the holy sites of Mecca & Madina and perform Haj. For me it was the first time I celebrated this festival out of India and away from my family. Even though I missed my family on this important occasion, I was able to make new friends and celebrated with my friends in office and other people. Morning was very busy with the Eid Prayers. I offered the prayers at one of the biggest mosques in Kampala, the Kibuli Mosque. I could meet lot of new people there and exchanged greetings. After the mornings afternoon I took few of my colleagues to lunch in an Indian restaurant and we all had a fun time. Indeed it was a new experience I loved every bit of it.


Sippy Falls– It is located in eastern part of Uganda and the water falls from 80 meters from a mountain. We had engaged a guide and he took us around the falls. We started by around 9 am and reached our hotel back by 4pm. All along we trekked the mountains and walked around 7.92 kms(  As indicated by my fitness app). First we went to the place it originates and we trekked all along its path to where it hits the ground. All along we went inside villages and could see their houses. All the trek we could see lot of young kids and only thing which came to our mind was “How can we make ORS & Zinc available here at a affordable Price”.All along the path it was so much greenery and so many trees. I should applaud these people how they are preserving their environment. This trek gave me an important lesson on preserving the environment around us.


CHAI Olympics—CHAI ( Clinton Health Access Initiative) Olympics was organized in the office ON OCT-8th to celebrate the Ugandan independence day(9th Oct) and of course  for team building activities. We had organized a lot of games like, Amazing race, Badminton, Sack Race, Running Race. We all enjoyed the event. The event was followed with a party. Indeed it was an amazing experience.


India Day Celeberations.-September-5th.  India day was celebrated with lot of fanfare in Uganda by the Indian association here. It started with a lot of cultural dances from different states of India and the highlight of the celebrations was the concert by Shankar Mahadevan , a famous play back singer from India.I was able to some of my dancing skills. And I Could meet a lot of people from India. The other highlight of the event was the food stalls. All varieties of Indian food were made available. Right from the famous street foods of  India to the Biriyanis and chicken tikka masla. I took few of colleagues with me and they also enjoyed the Indian Bollywood music and of course the Indian food.


Indeed these four events were a great experience for me and cherished each and every moment of it.See you all in my next Blog.

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