October 25


My Pulse Journey–Detailing campaign and competition

Hi All.

As Part of the pulse project I had been working with the private sector team of my NGO. The private sector team has outsourced the detailing work to an agency called HEPS. HEPS has employed around 60 detailers and 10 Supervisors .These 60 People around different parts of Uganda and meet the health care providers and detail them about the advantages of using ORS & Zinc in Diarrhea. Since this was the last campaign we had planned a lot of activities to make sure that all the messages are delivered properly to the HCP’S.


As a part of this campaign we had planned a contest for the detailers revolving around product knowledge, competency skills like communication ,detailing etc…

We had rolled out this during the campaign briefings in the middle of October. As a part of it I had planned the structure of the competition the gifts and the parameters for judging the detailers. It was awonderful experience and the detailers had put in a lot of hard work in improving their skills. In each region we gave away prizes to the winner and the runner up.


We as a team went around all the regions and evaluated the detailers. I had went to the southwest and central region to conduct the event during the campaign meetings. I had taken them through the marketing plan for the campaign during the briefing sessions. It was nice to see a healthy competition among the detailers and finally two were given the prizes.

I was amazed to see the level of competency the detailers had and it was very hard to pick the winners. Some of the detailers scored 100% Marks in the product knowledge tests.

Finally we gave away prizes at the end of the meetings. And for me it was an amazing experience to give away prizes. All along my carrier I had received many prizes like this but for the first time I gave away prizes.

Finally I realized that the joy of giving is the happiest moment of my life. The prize winners had lot of emotions and few of them had tears in their eyes on winning the prizes.

Wow! It was an amazing experience…..

The joy of giving,in itself is an Amazing experience…Thanks pulse for this experience…

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