Up gradation of Sterilization process

My Believe 

“Our Patients don’t get in the way of our work they ARE our work.” Since, for us “Caring is the essence of all our activities”

Up gradation of Sterilization process: – An initiative towards providing better Medical care to more than 32,000 patients annually.

Up gradation of Sterilization process: – “We have the opportunity to heal the Heart, Mind, and Soul & Body of our patients, their families and ourselves in more touchful way”. Our Patients may forget our Name, but, they will never forget how We made them feel.

On commencement of my Assignment at Institute of Indian Mother & Child. One of my key responsibilities is to manage, impart training & facilitate the team of International & national medical volunteers at IIMC, s Clinics.

During my day to day active participation (Pictures attached).Myself at Chakberia ClinicMyself at Chakberia Outdoor ClinicMyself at Hogulkoria Outdoor ClinicMyself at Tegharia Outdoor ClinicMyself at Tegharia outdoor ClinicMyself at Dhaki Ourdoor ClinicMyself at Kheadah outdoor Clinic

  • In these clinics I observe that here, at IIMC clinics there is no significant process of sterilization is followed at Nursing Rooms, Pathology labs & Dental Dept. (Pictures attached)

Dressing Room - Not using steriliser, syringe cutter, sterilised cotton etc.Dental Room - Earlier - Dippping instruments in povidine - iodine solution.

  • So, in order to inculcate sterilization process at all the 7 IIMC, s Centre’s i.e. Tegharia outdoor centre, Tegharia indoor centre, Hogolkuria outdoor-centre, Chakberia outdoor- centre, Kheadah outdoor-centre, Dhaki outdoor-centre & Dhaki indoor centre

Total No. of patients Department wise getting treatments annually from these IIMC, s centre’s are i.e.

(Figures of Year 2014)

  • Nursing Department: 28,325
  • Dental Department : 1,268 &
  • Pathology Department : 2,820

Initially, based upon my observation I had given one Proposal. (Pls. see attachment)Mail Sent to IIMC & Dr. Sujit regarding suggestions over upgrading sterilization process on 23rd july 2015.

Then in addition to the list for Nursing Rooms I had also added some items required in pathology lab & Dental Department as well to start sterilization process there too.

  • Subsequently I conduct meeting with Medical In charge Mr. Iqbal & all related departmental heads & key persons & explain them the importance of following proper sterilization processes & its benefits to the patients in terms of safety & recovery & benefits to IIMC in terms of ease in waste management, long term cost benefits & other non-financial benefits .

After convincing them We had Meeting with Our IIMC, s Director Dr. Sujit kr. Bhramochary . He agrees upon the proposal.  & in subsequent Meeting we all collectively finalized the sufficient quantities to start & sustain sterilization process at IIMC, s all Medical centers/clinics.

  • Then we form a team & on 29th July 2015 we went to the surgical market in central Kolkata & purchased all the required quantities to implement & sustain 100% sterilization process at all the IIMC Medical centres/clinics (Pictures Attached)Purchase Bill 1Purchase Bill 3Purchase Bill 2Neddle CuttersFinal List of items to be purchased.AutoClaveDifferent types of Foreceps & ScissorsDressing DrumKidney TraysInstrument Sterilisers
  • Subsequent day i.e. on 30th July 2015 I organized a training work shop for all the nursing staff of all IIMC Medical centre’s/clinics at IIMC,s Main campus at Tegharia to made them familiar with Sterilization Process & usage of sterilization equipments we purchased.
  • & then I had ensured that some infrastructural requirements to facilitate easy implementation i.e. electricity Points, Tables/Slaps etc. (to keep & operate sterilizers & Autoclave) are meet. & do necessary follow up thereafter to inculcate sustainable change Now, It’s smoothly operational since last more than 2 & half Months.  (Pictures Attached).

    AutoClave inTegharia Indoor Centre To sterile cotton balls for all indoor & Outdoor ClinicsTegharia Ourdoor Dressing RoomDhaki Outdoor Dressing RoomDental Room - Later - using Steriliser & Needle Cutter

    Hogulkoria Outdoor dressing Room
    Hogulkoria Outdoor dressing Room
    Chakberia Outdoor Dressing Room
    Chakberia Outdoor Dressing Room

    Me & my team

Now, at all the centers sterilization process is successfully followed & implemented (pls. See the Attached Stakeholders feedback videos) Final Mail to IIMC & Dr. sujit regarding sterilization process& Now, all stakeholders become habitual to it.

Now, with up-gradation of Sterilization process: – “We are en cashing the opportunity to heal the Heart, Mind, Soul & Body of our more than 32,000 patients, their families and ourselves.” Since, for us “Caring is the essence of all our activities”


Neeraj Garg,

Medical Business Associate, Entero Plus, GlaxoSmithkline Pharmaceuticals Limited, Delhi, INDIA

Employee Code: – 208172,

& Pulse Volunteer at IIMC, Kolkata



  1. Thanks for all your hard work on your PULSE assignment Neeraj – I’m sure the impact of what you have done will live on now that you are back in GSK.

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