October 06


Half way through…….am I making an impact?

walkI cannot believe I am already half way through my six month assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer.

Yes, I am settled, my objectives have been agreed and clear for a while, and I am now fully aware of what the charity is about and trying to achieve.

So on my way to work this morning, during the thirteenth week of my PULSE journey I asked myself: ‘Am I making a difference’?

The answer is complex……. Of course, it is about reaching the goals I have been set of reviewing and increasing engagement with clinical nurse specialists (CNS) and achieving 5000 downloads of the Target Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Diary, and I am on track on both fronts.

The answer is more complex and goes beyond the two projects I am responsible for. Where I feel I am also making a real difference is less measurable …….it’s about supporting all the women affected by ovarian cancer, it’s about understanding the role of CNSs and developing tools and material to facilitate their jobs, it’s about working with fundraisers to get the money which will enable the charity to carry on with its wonderful work, it’s about learning different ways of working and behaviours which I can take back to GSK to improve processes and it’s about making me a better person, with improved communications skills and with the awareness that all the work I am doing for Target Ovarian Cancer, big or small, will have an impact.

So yes, I think I am making an impact and I feel privileged and proud of it!

Do you want to make a difference against ovarian cancer? Then join the Ovarian Cancer Walk at the London Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 17 October or help me raise awareness of it! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Any help that you can give, big or small, will have an impact……..and this is one of my biggest learnings!