October 05


London A to Z


P is for “PULSE”.
Some weeks are Particularly Painless to assign a Principal word to and of course P week had to be PULSE, no Prizes there.  But it was only when I started to Put Pen to Paper (as it were) that I realised I Probably Peaked too early last week when I linked to the PULSE Partnership Impact Report, so check out “O” if you missed that one. (But it does give an additional opportunity to Plug it).

I am grateful for the experience and knowledge I am gaining during this Placement.  But volunteering doesn’t have to mean a big change in your life such as leaving your day job and even your home for 6 months.  There are Plenty of other ways to get involved and Play a Part in your own community with a Profusion of deserving causes.  If you’re a GSK employee reading this Posting, then keep your eyes Peeled for Volunteer Awareness Week which is Planned for next week.  Volunteering information and ideas will be Publicised at either your site or on connectGSK.  Perhaps it will Provide you with the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

The reports from other volunteers have also broadened my knowledge and understanding of the world and this week I want to draw your attention to a group of Photographs that Painted a Powerful Picture for me.  Working in the Pharmaceutical industry, it was Jim’s Photos of Pharmacy dispensaries in Kenya that caught my eye.  We spend our time developing and manufacturing Products in sophisticated facilities, but this is what it really means to get medicines to Patients and these Portraits Perfectly sum up the challenges of ensuring access to medicine in the developing world:  https://gskpulsevolunteers.com/2015/09/25/where-do-you-start-beacons-of-hope/