I bless the rains down in Africa

Jim's house

Jim’s house

Pop quiz time, do you know what song the above lyrics come from? You may need to be a child of the 80’s !
Rain –  great gumboot soaking, puddling rain comes often in Bungoma. Almost every evening about 6pm.
I have had some hairy experiences with rain here already.

Firstly there was the Sunday evening at the “Elegant” Hotel when the hotel team had been constructing new tin roofing to cover the walkway between the main reception and the main accommodation block which is about 6 feet lower than the main reception. Previous rains had caused no issue but unfortunately it seemed the new tin roofing was the perfect conduit for the heavy downfall , feeding it down into the ground floor corridor of the accommodation block. Every room on the ground floor was flooded with 18 inches of water in about 20 minutes. My colleagues Josephine & Victor had been staying in those rooms during the week, but fortunately had vacated for the weekend. As luck would have it I had a first floor room, but by the time I realised what was happening, I was stranded! I sent some texts to warn my returning colleagues, but gave thanks that my belongings were safe.

Flooded home compound

Flooded home compound

Then recently, I was due to depart for supper with my friend Pastor David when the rains came again. Quickly my home compound yard starting flooding, and I made hasty rearrangements in case it breached the front door of my house.
I called David to warn him but he offered to pick me up by car, rather than attempt the 10 minute walk. But first I still had to wade through the flood water & mud. No, I did not expect to need wellies (gum boots). So a couple of plastic shopping bags did the trick. In Kenya you see many improvised solutions 🙂

Now, I don’t know if the kids were laughing because it was Mr Muzungu again or because I had my trouser legs rolled up and two bags on my feet.

A full 45 minutes (!) later we made it David’s house, delayed by jams & matatus(small minivan buses) which had slid off the mud road and become stranded. I’d have been faster walking in my bags!

The song ? Africa by Toto of course.

I always thought they were singing “ I guess it rains down in Africa” .

Jim's house - Bedroom

Jim’s house – Bedroom

Jim's house - Kitchen

Jim’s house – Kitchen

Jim's house - Lounge

Jim’s house – Lounge