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O is for “Opportunities”.
When reading the blogs from the Other volunteers, a common theme is “using the Opportunities we are given”.  We have been given a great Opportunity to change Ourselves, try new experiences and make a difference in the world; even if that change feels like Only an impossibly small One compared with the global challenges faced in today’s world.

At the start of my placement I did Offer to share information about the PULSE scheme with you, so this week I’d like to use this Occasion to give you a link to this year’s PULSE Volunteer Partnership impact report which has just been published.  You can Obtain a great Overview Of everything that PULSE has achieved from it.
On a much smaller scale I was happy and encouraged to be able to give Old friends an update on my placement when I went back to my Original GSK site last week.  If you have any questions about PULSE then ask a volunteer – past or present – they’ll be Overjoyed at your interest and happy to answer.

In just one minute, this week’s video link Offering shows events that Occurred across the globe on the eve of the United Nations General Assembly last week.  They were designed to draw attention to the opportunities that are Ours, to contribute at an individual level and the opportunities that are available to every nation, to Observe, adopt and adhere to the new sustainable global goals:
That’s all from me, Over and Out.


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