September 24


The Sustainable Development Goals


It’s a big week here in NYC. Leaders from around the world are converging on the city, including the Pope and the President, and we will have the traffic to prove it! Suffice it to say, I’ll be taking the subway for the next little while.

Everyone here at the Earth Institute is excited about the release of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). If you don’t know what they are or have never even heard of them – don’t worry. Before I came here I wasn’t familiar with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), on which my work, the Millennium Villages Project, is based. The MDG’s guided development efforts from 2000-2015 and the SDG’s will cover the next 15 years. You can’t help but like these goals  Here are a few of my favorites:

#1             No poverty
#2             Zero hunger
#3             Good health and well-being
#4             Quality education
#5             Gender equality

I lucked out and got a pass to the International Conference on Sustainable Development this week. It’s been so motivational to see the ideas people have about how to create a future for our world that is so positive. None of it is easy, as I’m finding with my work on agricultural improvements in Africa, but when you see good results you really want to do more.

This morning, the President of Malta addressed the migrant crisis in Europe. Later today, I’ll hear from the President of Rwanda and Jeffrey Sachs, the director of the Earth Institute. It’s an all-star cast of SDG gurus and I feel so lucky to be able to take it all in.