I arrived in Ghana!

And this has been exactly the type of rollercoaster we heard about in the preparation phase for our PULSE journey….On my way to Ghana my luggage got lost and I had to learn to watch out when it comes to money. But I also got to know the incredible welcoming and supportive side of the country. Now I understand more than ever how valuable a strong support network is especially when you come to a developing country where you depend on the help of others. The Marie Stopes Ghana office, GSK and the family of the owner of my new apartment helped me to sort out my Ghana “starter” problems, organized a perfect apartment, took me again to the airport to get my luggage, brought me to the supermarket and today we went to the Lambadi beach to have some drinks and watch the typical Ghana dance!!

After one day I can now say that I finally arrived in Ghana. I know that this is just the beginning of my Ghana rollercoaster journey and there will be much on my way that I will learn. But my start here gives me a feeling that this might really become the life changing experience I was searching for. Ghana is different to other parts of the world I´ve seen so far and it seems to be a country of contrasts. Most of the city of Accra looks quite poor and in between are some nice apartment buildings or shops. I have never seen such a big contrast between poverty and modernity in the same district. I saw women carrying her belongings on their head and the baby on the back while begging for money and across the street a nice shopping centre. I also saw corruptive policemen stopping cars to get money and on the other side I met the friendliest and most welcoming people here.

I am looking forward to discovering Ghana further and maybe in three months I feel like what is written on the soccer world cup T-shirt my friend gave me before my departure from Germany: I´m from Ghana!!

Here some pictures of my new home :





  1. I’m so happy to hear you have arrived safely! I love Labadi beach! They have an amazing traditional English style lunch buffet on Sunday’s….. But speak about the differences between money and poverty. Labadi surely shows you one side of the coin. Oh…. I really miss Ghana now! I wish I had the time to come visit whilst you were there! Enjoy every moment and good luck with your first few days. Email or message me when you get a local SIM! akwabba!

  2. So excited to hear that PULSE volunteers are still headed over to the island of peace in West Africa that is Ghana. I so enjoyed my time there as a 2010-2011 PULSE volunteer. I am certain that you’ll enjoy your time there and come away with a life-changing experience.

  3. Glad to hear you have arrived safety in Ghana and that you are moved in okay to your apartment! Fingers crossed the rest of your PULSE experience won’t be such a rollercoaster!

  4. Good to hear your first impressions Petra. You’ve certainly had an interesting introduction to this country and I’m pleased to hear that the more challenging situations haven’t stopped you from appreciating the positive aspects too. Hope all goes well in the coming weeks!

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