September 16


The challenge of being clear…

I’m finding a new and very fulfilling challenge on my assignment, which I didn’t really expect. It’s being the champion of Plain English.

Plain English descriptionIf you know me, you’ll know that I love to write and I’ve been given the feedback that I choose each word really carefully, which on reflection I think I do. I guess I’m just one of those people that love reading, and that translates into a passion for words and language.

As the only Communicator at World Child Cancer (and the first Pulse volunteer in a Communications role here), I’m having loads of fun helping the team explain what they do in a simple and clear way.

Isn’t fund raising about shaking tins?
Before I started my placement I didn’t have an understanding of what really went on in a Fund Raising Team. I guess I thought they all wore their bright orange T-shirts all day and roamed the country with collecting tins to raise money. Whilst they do get out and about and support fundraising events, they actually spend most of their time (at the moment anyway) writing applications and proposals to gain financial support.

Every day the team are wading through multiple complex application forms, all with their own style and character, answering questions about what they do, usually with a strict word count.

It’s about getting your message across clearly!
So, my insight is that the key to successful fundraising is being able to get your compelling message across in a clear and simple way. As we all know, it’s very easy to ramble on and keep adding extra bits to what we’re trying to say. It’s much harder to keep it short, punchy and clear.

I’m really enjoying taking on the challenge of many words and multiple messages and trimming them down to a much more manageable and succinct call to action.

If you’re also a believer, join me on my campaign to spread Plain English!