Schools Theatre Team Project: An initiative towards developing Good Society.

My believe: – “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This is what we are doing here.

Brief Introduction: –

IIMC has 32 Schools in various different rural locations in West Bengal. In these school’s 6642 Students receives education.  In fact, most of the children’s are the first generation in their family who are going to school.


During my several visits to various Schools, women peace council groups & Network groups and Micro Credit banks to different rural areas. I have get chance to see the ground reality very closely. Here, in rural areas there is very high rate of alcohol & tobacco addiction. Still child marriage, dowry is prevailed in many villages; discrimination towards girl child is very common. Also, the situation of women’s right, literacy, health & hygiene is very meager.

Time to Think:-

This scenario deeply touches my heart somewhere & forced me to find some solution to overcome this. What to do? How to do? , How to save our younger generation from ill effects of these social curses. So, that the masses could align with the gsk,s Goal “ To enable the people to do more feel better & Live Longer “ .


“The solution to which I derived is making our younger generation aware through their active participation. & inculcating right values among them from very beginning to form better society Then a question arise How to do ? . Here, I received God sent help in terms of 3 fresh graduates of Masters in Social Work. Who come to IIMC for a week time. & Dr. Sujit Kr. Bharamchory (Director IIMC) Delegate the responsibility to deploy them in some of IIMC, s activities over me. During discussion with them I came to know that during their studies they learn how to develop a theatre team & this piece of information gave wings to my Thought “To make our younger generation aware by their active participation & to make a better Society”.


  1. I made a proposal to develop one Theatre team each in all 32 schools of IIMC by Dec. 2016.
  2. In each team there would be 4 groups of 10 students each. i.e. 40 students & 4 to 5 teachers ( including one co-coordinator)
  3. Every month except 3 months (In which Exams Conducted) i.e. 9 times in a year. Each team will conduct one theatre in their school (preferred on day of parent’s teacher meeting) or in nearby local community & all school students will watch.
  4. The theme of theatres will be social issues like Alcohol, tobacco addiction, women rights, empowerment, Dowry, Education, and Health & Hygiene etc.
  5. To sustain the process over coming years the teams of teachers have responsibility to train & develop one team every year in their school to replace previous one.
  6. To ensure sustainability 1st team we develop & I ensured that we will be giving the training to selected teachers in such a way that teachers will learn how to conduct theatre & to develop new team of students & can train other teachers of other schools in the same way.


IIMC likes the proposal & accept it willingly & I started developing my first team with 40 students of 8th & 9th standard & 5 teachers of IIMC Sikshangan ( School ) at challapara, west Bengal with help of my team of 3 MSW graduates ( Tette, Gabriel & Pratima ).

There we went 6 days in a row and develop a team of children’s and teachers.

Grand Final Presentation:-  

Now day come when we organize the first grand theatre at IIMC Challapara School & a bus full of staff members of IIMC, other foreign volunteers reaches IIMC, s Challapara School to join audience of school (i.e. all teachers & students).

Let’s join & enjoy the play.

After successful play at IIMC Challapara School Few days back I had organize meeting with principles of high schools of IIMC & unfold my project to them. & now we have started to develop more teams in other schools . Grand Theatre Day Cheer Up with Participants Participants Love Participants Love (2)


  1. What a wonderful idea Neeraj. And it’s great to see the photos – it looks like the first theatre was very successful – well done!

    1. Thanks Madam. first theatre was really a big success. but, second theatre team In hogulkoria school is further better then first . Soon I will share update.
      currently I am working over development of such theatre teams in 3 more different schools & before I will leave IIMC I will provide IIMC the Time Table to develop such Theatres teams in all 32 IIMC,s Schools by December 2016.

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