South Africa Success Stories…2


Dear lovely people,

A beautiful morning from colourful rainbow nation-South Africa!!! 

Above painting required copyright permission if you want to copy it..just ask the painter (I mean me😉)

So, to get a sustainability of the EYDC, we have started a massive community consultation as our phase-1 of community engagement. This itself is one of the biggest ever public participation exercise has been happining in particular this community.

40 odd community organisations have been identified to collect the primary data for need assessment. Yes, I meant 40 odd groups which includes approx. 300 leaders to meet  in their flexible time and get their buy-in and feedback on child health issues. Does that sounds very easy?? 

 Please do remember, as we are still in very early stage of implementation, we shouldn’t make any promises….In other way you can say we need to sell the dream to the people as the health center is yet to be build…

tough and strong questions, arguments like employment, money, out-of scope necessities, negative mentality, anger on govt…these all adds burning fuel to make the meetings more complex….did I mentioned the poor time management and punctuality we face when meeting has been planned?? (Actually 6 pm is 7.30pm ) …..Now, tell me..does that looks still easy??


 In a month time, We have already met ~20 organisations and collected the very important primary data and More importantly, we have got many stakeholders agreed and signed their declaration of intent to run the health programmes/activities which will ensure the sustainability of the center.

These achievements would not be possible without help of co-pulse volunteer Avadhesh, team TPM, Paul and Anette and monash uni students…thanks guys for making this dream happening for the people in need. 

That’s it from me now…until my next blog pls help yourself with cabbage curry and chapati if  you can handle the spices (obviously, this is a huge success, you can ask my wife)

 Long live Pulse!!!
Signing off,
“Hi! My name is Hitesh Dave and I live in UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with [Project Hope UK], however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own.”


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