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M is for “Midway”.
It’s hard to believe, but this is my 13th posting and therefore at the end of this week I’ll be Midway through My assignment.  Time is Most definitely Marching by.

The Middle of my assignment also coincides with Mid-term for the GSK-Save the Children Partnership, so my Monitoring and Evaluation role is currently being put to good use, Managing the collection of data from Multiple sources to create one Mega spreadsheet across all of the workstreams.  In addition, I have also been analysing some of the tools we have been using to Measure our progress to date.

I’ll leave you this week with links to 2 Motivating, short Movies; they’re over in a Matter of six Minutes in total, so please spare some a few Moments and take a look at them.  A few weeks ago I Mentioned the Healthcare Innovation Award that is sponsored by the Partnership.  Entries for 2015 are now closed, but while we wait for the outcome for this year, I was Moved by these films, that show the Magnificent things that the previous winners are achieving at a local level in developing countries; well deserving their share of the annual one Million dollars prize Money.  Look out for the Mobile phone app supporting Milk banks, Manoshi reducing Maternal and neonatal Mortality rates, Muso in Mali, Microclinic Technologies in Kenya and the kangaroo Mother care programme in Colombia, initiatives Making diarrhoea and anti-Malaria Medicines More available in remote parts of Zambia and Uganda or a low cost device to aid newborn breathing, helping those first critical Moments of a baby’s life safer in Malawi.
2013 winners –
2014 winners –


  1. Congratulations on making it half way. The blogs are great and I love how you’ve managed to highlight other blogs that I should also be reading to raise my awareness of what’s happening out there. Looking forward to the rest of the alpabet!

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