When earthquake came tonight

I have always had the opinion that one should learn to improve their knowledge.

The experience I got on August 6 night demonstrated me that ignorance can sometimes bear positive aspects.

Tonight night around 1:30 am, I was woken by a strong shaking of my room’s door; I considered this to be an air current. I was reassured by hearing one of my neighbors chatting with the house keeper in the yard. Overcome by the sleep, I went back in it.

Unusually, where I wake up around 6:00 am, I got up the next morning around 10:00 am, meaning that I was exhausted.  I was surprised when asking the keeper whether he slept well; he nervously answered “no!” “Why”, I asked him again? He replied in French, as an English speaker, to make sure I understand him: “tremblement de terre”

When I understood what happened last night, I realized that for once, it has been good to be ignorant! Fortunately there has not been a new episode so far.

Now I understand what earthquake means, I try to know every single noise signifies during day and night.


Pulse volunteer 2015

Kigali, Rwanda


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