South Africa Success Stories…1


Hey dear friends and fello pulsars, 

It’s been almost two months in SA and I feel very great to write about initial successes in the community.

Implementation plan for the (purpose-to be-built) children health information center:-

I strongly believe, to create sustainable change and to make sure people take ownership of the work, we need to get every relevant stakeholders on board. 

Phase 1: A massive community consultation to keep all community leaders and stakeholders on the same page:

The day one, I realised to get successful implementation done, I need to get buy-in from the NGO staff and all relevant volunteers. I have organised various team building exercises for various groups of NGO’s core staff, project director, volunteers, students, NGO’s entrepreneurs team including my fello pulse volunteer Avadhesh. Those are my first primary stakeholders of the EYDC implementation.

 Above pictures shows the initial team building trainings and various workshops I have arranged in first two weeks to make sure everyone understands ‘one message’ approch while going in to the community. Also, everyone need to be on the  same page with the vision of the NGO and to deliever positive message into the community. 

The first success I believe is that just within first two weeks I was able to make space in their hearts for me…

Do remember while working with NGO, we work with the PEOPLE to get quality of the work and not with the labotatory instruments, so winning their hearts and making sure you have the strong team to go forward are the key to success. That’s the basic of project management I can think of.

Stay tune for my series of SA Success stories in further blogs. 

That’s it from me from beautiful South Africa….

Long live Pulse!!!
Signing off,
“Hi! My name is Hitesh Dave and I live in UK. I work for GSK, currently serving as a PULSE Volunteer with [Project Hope UK], however the opinions you read from me here are totally my own.”