In the shoes of a nurse

Well, not exactly the shoes, but I was allowed to try on the clothes of a nurse for a picture during my visit of a Marie Stopes International Centre recently.

But let´s start from the beginning: One of my tasks in the Global Marketing Team of Marie Stopes International in London is to develop a global customer service training for the Marie Stopes International Centres. This might sound like a simple task, but it´s actually quite complex when taking into account the various steps of the client journey from the client perspective but also from the staff perspective. And it gets even more complex when keeping in mind that the training needs to fit to the needs of various countries across Asia and Afrika.

To get this big tasks started, I travelled all the way to Bristol to the MSI call centre and visited two further MSI centres in England to get a first impression. I got to see the various steps of the client journey and talked to nurses, receptionists, doctors and counselors in the lunch break. The “lunch-break talks” together with the time spent in the centres gave me a good impression of what the client and the staff is experiencing in the MSI centres every day.

As soon as the training is finalized, we plan to test and adapt it for Africa and Asia prior to a global roll-out. I am confident that this will be a great tool to help serving the clients of MSI even better in the future!



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