September 08


Living Our Mission


one baby’s smile worth any hardship endured or risk taken

Among the many challenges you get to face while living in Nigeria are things like frequent power and water cuts, lack of proper food (at least the ones that are to your taste),  scarcity of internet coverage, security hazards … but to me, the biggest challenge of all that you might face is staying positive at all times, especially within some surrounding heart breaking realities. No matter how much you prepare yourself before coming, and no matter how much you think that you are ready to face those realities, coming to see and having to deal with them first hand is a totally different story, especially when those realities have to do with the suffering of babies and young children.

Since my assignment here is to help Jhpiego rolling out their Maternal and Child Survival Program in Ebonyi and Kogi states, I had the opportunity to meet with many doctors, nurses, midwives, as well as visiting some neonatal healthcare facilities. Coming to see all this suffering and all those helpless mothers and babies not getting the proper healthcare, due to lack of awareness or resources (sometimes both), is unimaginable and heart breaking. Many days you would just go back home with a heartache and would not be able to erase those scenes of suffering that were imprinted in your mind. But then you wake up the next day reminding yourself that these heartbreaking realities are the reason behind your presence here in the first place, and what your mission is all about. Only then you feel very uplifted and motivated again to go out and give help to those who are in bad need for it.

Today I’m in the 52nd day of my 6 months assignment, and as the time pass, I feel more and more confident about my decision to join the volunteers convoy, more and more grateful to GSK and the PULSE team for all the effort and resources they put behind this program, and for giving me this great lifetime opportunity to live our mission statement and be part of the change we are all eager to see. DO MORE …FEEL BETTER… LIVE LONGER

From Abuja,

Amal Fouad