September 07


London A to Z


L is for “Lives”.
Whether it’s helping to save Lives or improve the quality of them, that’s what the PULSE volunteers are trying to contribute to during their assignments and to be a part of a sustainable change for the better. The variety of the placements Lays bare the truth of the extent and diversity of needs across all Lands globally.

For example, Maciej is also on a Save the Children assignment. We met at the PULSE training workshop arranged to Launch us into our volunteering roles. Maciej’s has taken him from his home in Poland to Peru. My blog Last week was about disaster preparedness and Maciej’s first blog also talks of the reality of the risks of densely populated areas in regions prone to earthquakes. For more on Life in Lima read Maciej’s blog: Work is not the only challenge for him; he is Living at altitude, giving his Lungs and Legs a good work out as he very impressively continues to compete in running events. The best I can claim at this point is walking a total Length of 155 miles between home, various stations and offices during week days since I started. (But that is about 150 miles than I would have normally walked !)

As for general thoughts, when the train drew into Liverpool Street station this morning, I realised that it was London’s Landscape that I was smiling at (or perhaps it was the fact that that could be a Legitimate Link in this week’s blog !)  There are a number of iconic buildings in the city and it’s surprising how quickly you get used to seeing them every day.  I wonder what the Likelihood is of me Longing for them when my commute comes to an end ?  What I also Like, closer to the office, are the squares and gardens dotted around the area.  Often hidden, these are havens among the office blocks and busy roads.  While there are still Leaves that are green, a bit of blue sky and a Little dose of sunshine, they’re a Lovely Location for a Lunchtime break.