Ready, Steady.. Go!

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Today is a memorable day in Mozambique, Rotavirus has been launched and the first baby was vaccinated today in Maputo. The President of Mozambique and Minister of Health met with the local and international community to celebrate all the efforts that have been done in the past two years if not more for this important achievement. A lot of kids lives will be saved with a vaccine that will prevent rotavirus caused diarrhea, which is highly prevalent here.

This is a big milestone for all of us. The MOH in partnership with the international development community has made a huge effort to distribute the vaccines across the country, revamp the cold chain system, trained their immunisation personnel, produced and distributed the social mobilisation material (TV/Radio spots, leaflets) all in time for TODAY!!!.  On our side, The RESOLVE team was able to go to Niassa, Tete, Cabo Delgado and Manica to help with the logistics planning for the launch and to think about how to adapt the supply system with “Ideas malucas” (aka, crazy but good ideas). The local teams were very welcoming and fully engaged.

This represents, for all of us, another big learning curve that enriches the country’s experience for other vaccine introductions to come in the next few months (measles 2nd dose and polio injectable) as well as for future antigens.  Through our workshops


  1. Great news! Amazing that this life saving vaccine is still not available worldwide. Thank you for sharing your story!

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