Limited Power….No Worries

Hello All!

It’s been a while since I posted but I’m still here. I have to coordinate my Internet time around the load shedding schedule. Most of you have schedules of your children’s activities, meal schedules, etc. but on my refrigerator I keep a schedule of when I have power!

My first true African experience came last week in the form of a field visit to Monze, Zambia. The extremely bumpy dirt roads, grass huts, and pit latrine (outdoor toilet) are just a few. While visiting the project team, we checked on the progress of the Inclusive Education initiatives happening in that region. We visited several community and government schools that will be renovated in the coming months to accommodate those with disabilities.


This community school will receive a wider door frame and wheelchair ramp for the school house and the pit latrine will be rebuilt for wheelchair accessibility.

Yesterday, I was part of an International NGO disability subgroup meeting. This meeting was held at Beit Cure Hospital which services children from birth-18 years of age throughout Zambia. An added bonus of having the meeting at the hospital was receiving a tour of the facility. If any of the children from our project need medical attention, they can be sent to Beit Cure depending on the issue. We also visited a work station beside the hospital that employs persons with disabilities. We saw shoes being made to correct club feet, another section making stands for children with cerebral palsy and a lab making molds for hearing aids. A very enlightening two weeks!




Until next time!


  1. Sounds like a very rewarding experience, Dara. Even though daily life that is less than you are used to, I can still hear your smile and enthusiasm coming through. You are a blessing, Dara and I look forward to hearing more of your work in Zambia.

  2. Dara – Sounds like a rewarding experience. It really makes me appreciative of all the conveniences that we take for granted; like electricity & toilets! Thanks for taking on this assignment.

  3. As everyone has said, I’m sure it’s very rewarding. I couldn’t do the toilet! Be safe and enjoy the experience.

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