Lagos thru the car window

01sep15 031

I’m in Lagos right now for a short time, helping with the roll out of two different logistics management programs (more on this in the next post).  When I told people in Abuja that I was going to be in Lagos for a few weeks, the first thing anyone said was that there is a lot of crazy traffic.  It’s almost always one of the first statements anyone speaks about the city.  Before stating that they like the city or hate the city; the traffic conditions come up.  Needless to say, I did sit in quite a bit of traffic.  It once took 3 hours to get from one end of the city to the other.

.01sep15 030

First day to drive around for work and we picked up some corn and an African Pear.  They roast both before serving.  The African pear is also known as Ube (the most common name for it).  This ube is called a pear but it tastes more like a sour avocado.   It even looks like an avocado on the inside (same green color and everything) with a creamy consistency.  I would have posted the picture I took of the one I took a bite out of but it kinda looked like a baby Audrey II and I decided against it.   When I have a kitchen again I plan on putting it in a sandwich.  I think it’ll taste good.

01sep15 02901sep15 028

The set up for most of the corn/ube stands are as follows…There is a pile of corn and ube on the side and a few of each are put on the grate to roast.  They place coconut shells on the coals to prolong the coal heat as well as giving the roasted corn a smoky coconut smell.   These stands of corn and ube are all over the place here but make sure you examine the corn before hand or you could end up with an extremely dry and chewy ear that hurts your jaw to eat (not that I learned that from personal experience or anything).

So, sitting in all this traffic I’ve been taking pictures thru the car window.  I’m attaching pictures here of the other random things that you can buy on the streets of Lagos as in many large cities of the world.

Do you need breakfast? No problem.   Grab a loaf of bread and butter for toast, or some fruit…a slice of papaya, some Grapes?  No problem.

01sep15 13201sep15 133

Did your kids back pack break while at school? No problem.  Buy a new one on the way home.  Is your wallet bursting and on its last legs?  No Problem.  Buy a new one and exchange the stuff inside while you wait to move another few feet.

01sep15 129

Got the munchies?  No Problem.  They’ve got plantain chips, popcorn, more fruit and roasted nuts.

01sep15 14301sep15 15801sep15 142

Thirsty now aren’t you?    Some soda or water for you?  No problem.


Did your phone cover break? No problem.  How about a fashion magazine to flip thru while stuck in traffic? No problem.  Need a new windshield wiper? No problem.

01sep15 11701sep15 159

I like the colors and variety of the choices available.


  1. I loved your pictures Sharvani. It is very similar here in the Philippines. Roadside markets abound although there is a real risk of petty theft. I can’t wait to here all your stories in person once we are back in DC. Good luck on your continued adventure:)

  2. Great Blog. Waiting for your logistics blog! 🙂

    And “no problem”…I hear that phrase multiple times of the day here…Hakuna Matata!

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