Innovate. Act. Change.

According to the 2013 estimates and projections of the Ministry of Health, there are about 382,000 MSM (men having sex with men), 72,000 FSW (female sex workers) and 271,000 PWID (people who inject drugs) in Vietnam. UNAIDS identifies these three groups as the key population affected by the HIV epidemic, as the risk for HIV infection and HIV transmission is disproportionally higher than for the general population. Crucial to HIV prevention is to target the key population and to change their behavior first. Education remains as a very important tool for influencing the key population to act responsibly, while creating a sustainable demand for HIV-related goods in the future.

Personally, I believe more than ever that INNOVATION is a vital pillar for HIV prevention, too. Likewise as in all industries INNOVATIVE ideas, INNOVATIVE products and INNOVATIVE services for HIV prevention are needed to unlock change and to reach more people.

Healthy markets just launched an INNOVATION FUND, a competition to find INNOVATIVE and creative entrepreneurs with ideas that change lives in Vietnam. Everyone with a great idea, please join. Be an INNOVATOR and send your INNOVATIVE concept. More details can be found here.

Old ways won´t open new doors. Come and open new doors with us. Thank you.


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