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More than 60 million people volunteer globally each year. I believe everyone can help to make the world a better place – no matter if you do it locally or globally; if you do it regularly or from time to time; if you do it financially or by giving a helping hand.

Six years ago GSK launched the volunteering program PULSE with its mission to support NGO partners through the professional skills of GSK employees. So far more than 500 PULSE volunteers have joined this path to leave a more positive and sustainable healthcare impact.

I am fortunate to have been given the chance to be one of the PULSE fellows. I am thrilled and proud to join the enormous global volunteer network for the next 6 months. I am happy to support the non-profit health organization PATH in Vietnam on the Healthy Market initiative with the overall goal to grow a viable commercial HIV response as HIV/AIDS remains a significant public health problem in Vietnam. I will support the team to develop and grow quality and life-saving products and services to prevent new HIV infections for the population facing the greatest risks.

If you would like to join me on my journey in Vietnam, the upcoming months will be exciting, emotional, curious, interesting and surprising! Stay tuned!


    1. Dear Alli, thank you. I am as well very excited to be here, as I’ve never been in Vietnam before. The first 3 weeks have given me back so much already (it feels like condensed knowledge and lots of positive surprises you normally get after ages)….it is exactly what I was hopeing for…

  1. I look forward to following your blogs from Vietnam, Sylvia. I will actually be there next month! It is so wonderful GSK offers the Pulse program to us. I believe you learn so much and help to change the world thru volunteering:)

    1. Thank you for the lovely words Maryanne. I just discovered your blog and I could not stop reading…I will definitely follow your path. Super interesting. I am based in Hanoi, so if you are around we should definitely meet for a PULSE exchange… 🙂

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