August 24


London A to Z


J is for “Joy”.
When I started this assignment and was writing my first blog I mentioned that my Journey to work would be changing.  I also promised myself I wouldn’t complain about the commute.  Although being Jammed and Jostled on the tube is hardly a Jaunt, so far I haven’t complained, but I do confess to getting a sense of comfort and Joy when I manage to get a seat on the train – especially on the way home.  Being reminded that “J week” may be a little tricky, but not wanting to be defeated by the Job, I have turned to my fellow Save the Children PULSEES (?) for Just a little bit of assistance.  I hope you’ll find the Juxtaposition of train-seat-elation and what joy means overseas interesting. They kindly Jotted down the following for me and also provided the photos too.

First to the Far East, where Alli is working in the Philippines.  Her Joyful moment came at the end of running a new program with a group of Juveniles, 12-16 year olds.  Their positive energy and sense of fun made her feel on top of the world.  I love this photo – Jubilant smiles all round.

Here’s a link to Alli’s blog where you can read more about the work she’s doing and the adventures she’s having:

And now to Africa, where it has become clear to Jim that many people in West Kenya have so little and that any donation brings comfort and joy.  Among the photos he sent me was this one:

Nasianda Disp1

This is a water butt used for harvesting rainwater.  Next time those of us in “Blighty” are complaining about all the rain we’re having this summer, think about this picture and the joy that it represents.  Here’s a link to Jim’s blogs, which of course I am more than happy to plug this week because some are titled “Jambo Jimbo”:

So then Jon, you were concerned about “J week”; how did I do? You be the Judge !