A different shade of orange…

I’m a month into my placement and have been pondering the topic of my second Blog post for a little while. This update is inspired by the bright orange wall I sit next to in the office, strangely like another orange (the GSK orange!) that we’re all very familiar with.

Sitting next to this wall and now familiarising myself with the brand guidelines so that I can be ‘on brand’ in my work, made me wonder why World Child Cancer (and indeed GSK) chose orange to represent them and their work.

When I did some research about the psychology of the colour orange I discovered that it is mainly a positive colour and is described as social, gregarious, joyful and energetic – good characteristics for a healthcare brand I think.

There was a word of caution though – too much orange, particularly those closer to the red and more vibrant end of the spectrum, can be perceived as loud or cheap – definitely something for both brands to watch out for!

In September we’re going gold!
Just as I’ve settled in and adjusted to the orange wall, and the Pantone for the brand orange (Communicators and Brand Ambassadors will be very familiar with such things), World Child Cancer is going gold!

There is a good reason though – September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month which is symbolised by a gold ribbon, to represent how precious children are.

Go Gold poster

Go Gold poster

So the charity is launching a Go Gold themed awareness and fund raising campaign with several gold themed events. Yesterday the team were decorating the office with gold bunting, balloons and the fabulous Go Gold posters. There was also talk of gold cup cakes… I’ll report back towards the end of September to let you know how it’s all going or you can follow the campaign on Twitter or Facebook if you’re a social media fanatic.

The power of a colour
I don’t know about you, but I’m amazed at how powerful a colour can be and how much it can say about a brand, company or in this case a small charity. I’m also pleased to say that I continue to enjoy my new orange (and temporarily gold) world – I think they must be colours which make me feel at home.