August 24


3,2, 1 … PULSE


I am sitting in GSK Warsaw office. I spent over 5 years working here for SERM MP Generics and GCSP. I know every little thing around me, but today everything appears to be different. I realize more than ever how wonderful people are around me.

I am really going to miss you all!

This time next week, thanks to PULSE Volunteer Partnership, I will start to live a different life. From 1st September, I will be deployed for an assignment in Slovakia. I will be working on the “Together for Better Health” (T4BH) project, which was established by GSK and the consortium of four non-government organizations, to improve access to healthcare for socially excluded Roma communities in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Did you know that over five million Roma people living in Europe lack basic services such as drinking water, sanitation, and healthcare? T4BH has been set up to address these gaps by  providing basic medicines, vaccines and regular health checks via training and empowerment of Roma health mediators. I will also support Roma Spirit Project that aims to promote active efforts in the field of improving the social situation and integration of Roma people.

The place we are born on Earth is not a matter of choice, but health and education give us incredible power to change our destiny. I believe that projects “Together for Better Health” and “Roma Spirit”, through improvement of health, education, integration and advocacy create tools which will allow the Roma community to work on further improvement of their situation.

I feel responsible for the chance which was given to me. I am excited about the opportunity to meet people I have never planned to meet, face the situations which would normally never happen to me and understand things that I have never thought I could understand.

I feel great support from my home team and the entire PULSE family. Could anything  go wrong with such great people around me? I don’t think so J.

If you would like to find out more on how GSK pursues its mission of helping people do more, feel better and live longer through its contribution to “Together for Better Health” and how it impacts Roma communities – follow me during my journey!

See you soon – Natalia.