August 22


Pulse Journey-At the River Nile.

Pulse Journey—At the Source River Nile.

This is my second blog from Africa and that too from the River Nile, the world’s longest river. Yes   I had been to the place where the River(White) Nile originates. It originates in a place called Jinja, some 70 kms away from Kampala in Uganda. Wow such a beautiful Place. Loved the each and every moment I had been there. There are two big reasons why the trip was fascinating. The first reason is that I went with a friend whom I met just few days before the trip and i can’t believe weIMG_20150809_190500 became very best friends forever! Wow that’s life and that’s how life throws so many surprises at you. Wow loving it!

The second reason why I enjoyed the trip to Nile is that. I was amazed how the river Nile originates from a small spring in Uganda and it travels a long distance (Approx 5000kms), crossing many countries and finally it reaches its destination in the Mediterranean . All along its journey it serves so many millions of people irrespective of their nationalities, culture etc… I just wonder how our world will be a better place if each and every one of us serve and help others without any expectations. The world will be much better place with lot of peace and happiness.

Like the river Nile, how it originates from a small spring to the world’s longest river, I would love to see and hope that, how my small ideas and thoughts during my PULSE assignment will bring sustainable change to kids in Uganda suffering from Diarrhea and Dehydration.

It takes approximately 3 months for the Nile to reach its destination from the source. Likewise my campaign in the private sector on distribution and pricing on ORS & Zinc will start from first week of September and the campaign will run for 3 months. Within these three months we would like to put our

best and ensure that ORS & Zinc reaches each and every needy child in different corners of Uganda in the private sector.

The River Nile faces a lot of challenges and obstacles throughout its journey.  Likewise my campaign will also face lot of challenges and obstacles on its way. But we are ensuring that we will overcome these challenges with our strategies and team work. We were able to overcome the first obstacle and we were able to take three private sector partners on Board. That’s a big achievement considering the challenges of unorganized private sector market of UGANDA. Now we are pretty confident that we will be able deliver sustainable change !

I would like to be as resilient as the River Nile and never give up until I reach my destination.

Overall the trip to source of the River Nile was very rewarding. I earned a good friend. Now I have got lot of motivation, endurance, and tenacity to complete the pulse assignment successfully. And of course to carry on these good things during my future assignments in GSK.

Hope to see you all in my Next Blog…..hopefully from one more beautiful place.


Syed hafiz